The Undercoats


The Undercoats are Dennis Krause, Charlie Eschbach, Jeff Quattro, Matt Shirk and Rick Tomlinson.

Their debut CD features 11 songs including "Not That Lucky", "Southern Time", "Girl in the Clouds" and "Save The Worm". The CD is a hook-driven, pop rock record with a country rock glazing. It features Dennis Krause on lead vocals, Charlie Eschbach on guitar,  Jeff Quattro on Hammond and Keys,  Matt Shirk on bass and Rick Tomlinson on drums. Special performances by Marrissa Krause, Dennis Schwartz and John Bermingham. 

All of the songs were written by Charlie Eschbach except the following : Girl in The Clouds which was co-written with Jeff Quattro and Dennis Krause. Not That Lucky by Charlie Eschbach and Matt Shirk. Save the Worm by Charlie Eschbach and Jeff Quattro. 


*Not That Lucky and Hot Mess